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Cycling in the Countryside
Saturday Pro Fuel & Hydration
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Dr. Alex Harrison, PhD in Sport physiology
Michelle Howe- Pro-Cylist & Triathlete
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The Saturday Pro Fuel & Hydration App is a project I've been involved with for over a year now. And am deeply passionate about their core values.

"Passion, Curiosity, Integrity" It's that simple. I like many other athletes have no idea how to fuel properly for training and racing- the Saturday app does it for you. (Now I don't have to bother Michelle & Alex for advice 😊

Learning from Saturday, I found why I was cramping run after run, race after race. (Let me tell you about my 2 hour cramping in a 17.2 mile trail race...) Alex and Michelle identified I neglected my sodium intake to the n'th degree. Now I punch in my workout and the app tells me how to fuel & hydrate scientifically.

They listen to the science, cut out the BS, and demonstrate why you don't need all those expensive gels, powders, or whatever a marketing department comes up with. 

The app distills the scientific knowledge from Dr. Alex Harrison- Whos PhD in Sport Physiology specialized in hydration strategy & gut training to aerodynamics & running mechanics, he enjoys simplifying the complex.

And the practical and scientific knowledge from his wife Michelle Howe, MS, RD, CSSD- Who happens to be both a pro triathlete & pro cyclist

Take a look at their Youtube channel for amazing content




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